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Art Contest for Youth Envisions a Healthy Future

In Partnership with Renton Arts Commission

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Renton Arts Commission Youth Art Contest Covid Healthy Future
Art Contest Submissions 2020

Art Contest Submissions

Art Contest Finalists 2020

Art Contest Finalists

Sidewalk Chalk Hope Rainbow "Street Preschool" 2020 (cc) Dena Michele Rosko

Dr. Dena Michele Rosko, Principal Coach of Dogwood Group, has partnered with Renton Arts Commission to support youth ages 2 to 18 years old who reside in the City of Renton with an art contest! The theme is "Envision a Healthy Future" during #stayhome orders that changed how local students participate in school + city life.

Timely now, "Envision a Healthy Future" includes social justice because art in the public commons supports health + thriving, which needs intentionally replacing systems that harm with systems that heal, help, + care.

Contest Rules
  1. Must be a Renton student (ages 2 to 18 years old)
  2. Email a picture of the original art
  3. Agree to let us display the entry on various social media outlets
  4. Include full name, grade, age and address in the email.
  5. Results will be announced via email.

If you're a Renton youth, submit your art by messaging or emailing the Renton Arts Commission at by June 16th.

Art contributes the power to inspire, heal, + help!


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