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Travels to the Bay Area + beyond

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Eastern Sierras via 395
Mono Lake CA
Napa Valley CA
CA Rest Stop with Lavender
Lake at Eastern Sierras
CA Farm Eastern Sierras
Flowers at Bishop CA
Redwood Tree National Park
Redwood Tree National Park with Elk
Redwood Tree National Park
NorCal Beach
Joshua Tree National Park 2013
Shields Date Farm
Palm Trees 2015
O'Brien Rest Area 2015
Bay Area Trail Millbrae CA 2015
Crane at Bay Area Trail Millbrae CA 2015
Bay Area Trail Millbrae CA 2015
Mt. Shasta 2015
Superbowl signage at Mt. Shasta 2015
Fog at UC-Davis arboretum
Susanville Sunset

We enjoyed our travels to the Bay area + beyond. We integrated family fun into the purpose of three trips to share my research.

Highlights included Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley, scenic 395 through the Eastern Sierras, walks along Bay Area Trail, surprise lunch date at Shields date farm, a lobster dinner date near the beach, visits to Bishop, Redding, UC-Davis Arboretum, Mt. Shasta, Mono Lake, Pea Soup Andersen's, + rounding out a lovely drive on US-101 to the spectacular Redwood Tree National Park along the coast. Needless to say: So much to enjoy together!

Earlier visits for service + recreation included Napa Valley, San Francisco Fisherman Wharf, Los Angeles, Malibu Beach, M & M Soul Food, + Sacramento, among others.

We were sure to enjoy the lively ambitious scenery (SR-299 hello! Engage yoga core!), hope-filled sunrises, + peaceful sunsets with loved ones--each other!

As our motto advanced: Leave wanting more!