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"Enough is Enough" Advocacy Video

4 The Kingdom Entertainment and MD Simmons Productions

· Collaboration,Music,Advocacy,Leadership,Pandemia

Hi Neighbors!

I want to introduce you to Monique Baisden, singer, songwriter, producer, writer, and coach, and more, of 4 The Kingdom Entertainment, and who co-directed "Enough is Enough" advocacy video (more) in 2020 with M. Denise Simmons of MD Simmons Productions.

We met back at Gonzaga at our first class for a MA in Communication and Leadership Studies. Both Christians, both creatives, both entrepreneurs, both caregivers, and both integrate our craft with our research, practice, and communities. I am grateful to know her, and count her as a sister and friend.

I love her passion, energy, and care that she puts on every project and relationship she does. She has something in the cue at all times. She stays engaged, involved, and faithful, and doesn't boast about it, but gives credit where it's due (see Credits below), and God the glory. The praise she receives follows after, as in the contest recognition she is duly now receiving for the video and following short story.

These are the projects for the times, "such a time as this," that give God glory because creativity expresses a spiritual gift of craftspersonship that builds spiritual kingdoms with a vision of what good will be in eternity now.

Monique created the jingle for my podcast. I feel excited to do more projects with Mo in the future when the time comes. Please give her a shout out and connect on her social media found at her website.

Happy Black History month to those who built history before us, and to those building it now!


Rev. Dr. Dena

Dena Michele Rosko, PhD, MA, CLCM encourages and inspires people to develop cultures of heritage in their ministries, partnerships, and organizations by writing, publishing, and training creative content about heritage theology, formation, and care across multiple genres, by facilitating groups, workshops, and retreats with dialogue and heritage circles, and by consulting and coaching leaders, advocates, carers, and families. The gospel promises a beautiful story of a shared heritage together in Christ that can bless and light the world!


4 The Kingdom Entertainment and MD Simmons Productions presents "Enough Is Enough", a global social justice and human rights anthem and advocacy music video. Featured guest soloists include (in order of appearance):
Jonathan Nelson
Lowell Pye
Anita Wilson
Angela Birchett
Keith David
Kim Hawthorne
Greg Kirkland Jr., and The SEEiT Choir
nYk p
Zebulon Ellis
Tiffany Boone
Christina Bell
Song written by: Monique C. Baisden
Music produced by: Terrence Nelson and Monique C. Baisden
Music Direction and Vocal Production by: Greg Kirkland, Jr.
Music video directed by: Monique C. Baisden (4 The Kingdom Entertainment) and M. Denise Simmons (MD Simmons Productions)
All rights reserved. Copyright 2020. 4 The Kingdom Entertainment and MD Simmons Productions.