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Projects from the Archives

What I've been up to behind the scenes

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Here are some projects that I've completed from the archives:

Global HealthShare Initiative | Established in January 2010, Global HealthShare gives new meaning to "healthcare" in the 21st century. GHS emphasizes the power of sharing in delivering health "one village at a time." This humanitarian-focused program delivers health solutions at a fraction of cost with its collaborative global network who shares research, infrastructure, and other resources to improve health. With this dynamic approach GHS accelerates the development and delivery of health solutions to the developing world. I wrote a communication strategy for multi-modal channels and outreach options to help GHS share their vision, find new members and partners, and show the world their contribution to health reform. I initiated contact after reading a UC Davis article highlighting GHS' work in Bangladesh and South Africa.

Citizens for the Preservation of Renton's Cedar River Library | I provided editorial writing, photography, and social media support for this grassroots group seeking to save their community space. I also coached a discovery-driven inquiry and communication strategy for press and city council relations, + wrote with a moderate approach to build a bridge during conflict.

REACH | I facilitated storytelling and narrative workshops for REACH, supported their steering committee, and photographed their collaborative community events. These workshops allow participants to contribute their Me, We, and Future stories to enhance team unity, and to locate language to communicate their vision, mission, and special events. REACH works with local + county agencies + faith-based organizations in Renton, Wash to create healthy and sustainable community, and to support those in need.

Luther's Table | Luther's Table provides a gathering place for people to share their stories, start something new, and create a sense of community. I photographed, blogged, + mentioned Luther's Table special events and facility in social media. I enjoyed the community Thanksgiving dinner. The emphasis on community, authenticity, and storytelling via hospitality and creative leadership relate to our theme for generating health and a public commons.

Hestia Retreat Center | Hestia Retreat Center is an up and coming island sanctuary for women located on Vashon Island. Hestia desires to provide a "sanctuary for women to nurture their inner flames." Hestia relates to health by providing a healing and educational environment for women to reflect in solitude and connect with other women. I supported Hestia with event photography, blogging, website feedback, and social media strategy.

Vision House | Since 1990 Vision House has provided transitional housing with integrated support services to homeless single mothers and their children and separately to homeless single men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Gonzaga University faculty voted the communication audit for Vision House as an exemplary student project. I continued my relationship with Vision House by photographing staff events for a couple of years.

St. Joseph Family Center | I designed an intermedia production for the then Franciscan Place at St. Joseph Family Center in Spokane, Wash. The intermedia involved interviewing center staff, photographing the grounds, producing an audiovisual montage, and creating a blog. This project emphasized healing and community to a beloved center that provided services for years.

Community Profiles (2008-2017) | I curated Community Profiles for nine years. Community Profiles include intermedia projects that utilize multi-modal channels to highlight how people and organizations enhance community. I created Community Profiles as a community journalism genre to generate connections to people and place. I photographed, blogged, and wrote about special events, locations, and travel, and then shares these profiles in social media. Mentioning Community Profiles in social media proved to be a scalable method to connect organizations, people, and tourism agencies with people, places, and events in their locale. Community Profiles related to health with emphases on connecting people with others and with place.

The Living Memorial | I created The Living Memorial as an outcome of my Master of Arts Thesis during my Communication and Leadership Studies program at Gonzaga University. The Living Memorial sought to open up communication around a closed + stigmatized topic of loss to foster community via digital storytelling loving memories amid loss. This intermedia project included a video montage, photography, blog + Facebook page, + supporting research.

Say No to Communication Violence | I designed the online Say No to Communication Violence to Say Yes to Communicating Love awareness to campaign against ostracism + for loving connection. I based this project on a communication theory for confirming and dialoguing with people via inquiry, knowledge sharing, discussion, storytelling, and encouragement. I designed the blog + integrated social media to provide a discussion platform + to organize the movement. This project included a blog + Facebook page.

Municipal Re-Election Campaign | I consulted a grassroots re-election campaign on communication strategy, event photography and planning, social media, speech editing, + web content writing for the councilperson's political campaign with my theme to communicate and write to develop the public commons via health. I encouraged the councilperson to embed his vision, or engaging diverse groups into the civic process, into his campaign strategy for an authentic campaign. I also designed inquiry protocols, interacted with dignitaries, + encouraged the councilmember about shared interests in leadership for public health.

University of Washington Department of Communication | I enjoyed being on the other side of the interview with students for a digital communication course to support their learning, to promote the department, + to encourage their trajectory in communication, advanced education, leadership, and digital storytelling. I appreciated this engaging opportunity to give back!

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