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Publishing News | Feature Article for Integral Leadership Review

About Pandemia, Supremacy, + How to Heal to Move Forward

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Integral Leadership Review Article by Dr. Dena Michele Rosko 2020 July

Special thanks to the Integral Leadership Review + its amazing editors for publishing my feature article for this fabulous leadership journal July 2020 issue.

My article is about passaging through the pandemia of supremacy + covid by validating sufferers + story.

The July issue emphasized for covid- and post-covid- era leadership. Please support the contributions of researchers in the field doing the work of leadership during these times.

Thank you for reading.


Dr. Dena

Dena Michele Rosko, PhD, MA, CLCM encourages and inspires people to develop cultures of heritage in their ministries, partnerships, and organizations by writing, publishing, and training creative content about heritage theology, formation, and care across multiple genres, by facilitating groups, workshops, and retreats with dialogue and heritage circles, and by consulting and coaching leaders, advocates, carers, and families. The gospel promises a beautiful story of a shared heritage together in Christ that can bless and light the world!