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Introducing Dogwood Group

A Suite of Consulting, Coaching, Development, + Heritage Services

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Dogwood Group Logo (c) Dr. Dena Michele Rosko

This May, Dr. Dena Michele Rosko launched Dogwood Group. Dogwood Group provides a suite of consulting, coaching, development, + heritage services for people + organizations.

Dogwood Group specializes in organizational anthropology, development, well-being, + consulting. Dr. Dena enjoys coaching conversations to encourage people.

Dogwood Group Word Collage (c) Dr. Dena Michele Rosko

Positive methods include storied systems design, appreciative inquiry, motivational interviews, participant observation, career or vocational coaching, performance ethnography, integration of heritage in family preparation or organizational design, restorative justice + advocacy, + spiritual direction + developoment, supporting people through transitions across the life span.

Organizations will enjoy storywork for teams + marketing, aligning their vision with their strategic plans, organizational culture with their ethical practice, + navigating crises to solutions.

Dogwood Tree (c) Dr. Dena Michele Rosko

Head over to Dogwood Group's website to sign up for the newsletter for upcoming events + book launches. Now booking for October, 2020. Contact us to learn more!


Dr. Dena

Dena Michele Rosko, PhD, MA, CLCM encourages and inspires people to develop cultures of heritage in their ministries, partnerships, and organizations by writing, publishing, and training creative content about heritage theology, formation, and care across multiple genres, by facilitating groups, workshops, and retreats with dialogue and heritage circles, and by consulting and coaching leaders, advocates, carers, and families. The gospel promises a beautiful story of a shared heritage together in Christ that can bless and light the world!