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March to Surrender | The Church will not be Silent

Rally on Juneteenth Draws over 700 Faithful after Death of George Floyd

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Hi Neighbors,

Radiant Covenant Church with Pastor Mike Thomas, affectionately known as "PMT," led the way with 20 ministers and pastors and over 700 participants with over 25 Covenant Churches at the first March to Surrender: The Church will not be Silent in Renton, Wash. on Juneteenth.

The clergy and faithful marched to make the church visible and accountable to address justice and racism after the murder of George Floyd (New York Times).

Floyd, 46, six-foot-seven-inches, and once a star athlete, had ministered himself, when he told people via his videos that "I love you and God loves you. Put them guns down" (Chicago Tribune).

George Floyd Holding Up a Bible with Peers, Date and Photographer Unknown

George Floyd Upholds a Bible (Source unknown).

We attended the rally after the march. I am so grateful for the many communities that showed up with a powerful presence of the church. Over 20 people came to Christ because of its testimony of a present justice, and several leaders spoke.

Rally after March to Surrender (c) Dena Michele Rosko 2020.
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Join Radiant Covenant Church, heralded as a "Beacon of Hope during the Pandemic," for its annual Faith and Race Conference to continue the ministry of multi-ethnic churches for a gospel of justice, peace, and goodwill.

Read more about the March to Surrender via The Seattle Times, Pacific Northwest Conference, Religion News, of the neighboring march on Chicago's Southside, and Covenant Churches.

Ponder this poem by Kathy H. Culmer, DMin, published in The Episcopal Diocese of Texas.


Dr. Dena