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Ordained [ to ] Minister

Ordination for ecuministry across Christian traditions to support a gospel heritage

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Hi! I am grateful to complete my ordination requirements for ordained minister through Christian Leaders Alliance.

This credential allows me to continue to minister with a content and coaching ministry across Christian traditions to dialogue a "we story" for ecuministry. I pray with people, coach decision-making, discern vocations, facilitate study and group discussions, provide chaplaincy and officiant services, maintain my crediential with professional training and local service requirements, and instruct based on the heritage theology, formation, and care of my publications, services, intermedia, and ecourses,

I am grateful to the staff, instructors, and learners for their prayers, encouragement through hardships, and fellowship during the pandemic. I am grateful to the Institute President and his team for their receptivity to my feedback to apply heritage theology, formation, and care to validate and influence culture to not deny the ostracisms from ideology and -isms.

As a result, the team invited me to create a mini-course for a "We Story of a Gospel Heritage." 

I am grateful for the vision of an institute that offers donation-based ministry training, that requires local service and endorsements for commendation, and that offers practical guidance on how to minister in the officiant, chaplaincy, coaching, and early church models of ministry so that I could integrate my life as a mom, writer, and minister. I am grateful to my son, parents. and loved ones for their prayers and encouragement.

Dialogue invites us to engage others across "party lines," including those of politic and tradition that we deem too divergent from "us." The gospel at its core is an invitation to "'Come unto Me'" (Matt. 11:28).

Be encouraged, stay encouraged, and encourage others.

Encouragement starts with validation.

We validate others before we can influence them.

We influence others as we care for them.

Minister, as it turns out, functions as a doing [ a verb ].


Dena Michele Rosko, PhD, MA, BA, CLCM.


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