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Ordained ( to ) Minister

Ordination for ecuministry across Christian traditions to support a gospel heritage

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Hi! I am grateful to complete my ordination requirements for ordained minister through Christian Leaders Alliance. This ongoing credit-based and self-paced program required a statement of calling, mentorship, endorsements from leaders familiar with my ministry (2) and family familiar with my character (1), plus local service requirements. Specialization options, such as life coaching, kingdom, business, and chaplaincy entail more study,

CLA Ordained Minister Dena Michele Rosko 2022

This credential allows me to continue to minister with a content and coaching ministry across Christian traditions to dialogue a "we story" for ecuministry. I pray with people, coach decision-making, consult faith-based partnerships, discern vocations, facilitate study and group discussions, provide chaplaincy and officiant services, maintain my crediential with on-going training and local service requirements, and instruct learners for the heritage theology, formation, and care of my publications, services, intermedia, and ecourses,

I am incredibly grateful to the president of CLI, the staff, instructors, and learners for their prayers, encouragement through hardships and pandemic, and fellowship during the training. I am grateful to the Institute President and his team for their validation and receptivity to my feedback to integrate heritage theology, formation, and care to influence culture beyond the ostracisms of political ideologies and -isms of the world. As a result, the team invited me to create a mini-course for a "We Story of a Gospel Heritage." 

I am grateful for the vision of CLI that offers donation-based ministry training to train for a credential anyone of the Christian faith who at the heart feels called to minister, that requires local service and endorsements for commendation, and that offers practical guidance on how to minister in the officiant, chaplaincy, coaching, and early church models of ministry. This program increased access so that I could integrate my life as a mom, writer, and minister instead of separating these into compartments or roles.

This openness to integration allows for the liminal leadership that I appreciate and expect as necessary for someone to follow Christ, especially in leadership. Where our understandings differed, particularly with politics and ostracizing systems, and the male voice, they made space to listen to my feedback, and kept the calling first. The support staff responded promptly and positively to my inquiries.

I am grateful to my son, parents. prayer partners, and loved ones for their prayers and encouragement.

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In my writings and courses, I teach that dialogue invites us to engage neighbors across "party lines," including those of politic and tradition that we deem too divergent from "us." The gospel at its core is an invitation to "'Come unto Me'" as a family, as children, of God (1 Jn. 3-4; Jn. 17; Eph. 1;5, 5:1; Matt. 11:28). Doing so involves dialogue and sensitivity, with senses ready to listen and learn, a heart to serve, arms to embrace, hands to do the work, feet to go in peace, the challenges of the day.

And yes, women can be ordained to minister (they have been doing it since the early church anyway). Read more of my training journey here and here.

I invite you to consider signing up for training or credentialing opportunities for part- or full- time ministry leaders! CLI augments existing ordination because of its ecuminical respect, or can provide a stand-alone credential as you serve at the local level, and in your calling. I have appreciated the support of mine: to minister a gospel heritage across multiple genres through writing, publishing, training, and encouragement.

Be encouraged, stay encouraged, and encourage others.

Encouragement starts with validation.

Team unity and solidarity come as we integrate the callings of one another for a common purpose: to glorify and worship Jesus.

We validate and integrate one another to influence them.

We influence others as we care for them.

Minister, as it turns out, functions as a doing verb to serve from a being identity from who we are in Christ.

Read the heritage theology, formation, and care series. Go to Learn page for upcoming ecourses and other opportunities to work with me for your leadership or organization. Search for me in the directory.


Min. Dr. Dena

Dena Michele Rosko, PhD, MA, CLCM encourages and inspires people to develop cultures of heritage in their ministries, partnerships, and organizations by writing, publishing, and training creative content about heritage theology, formation, and care across multiple genres, by facilitating groups, workshops, and retreats with dialogue and heritage circles, and by consulting and coaching leaders, advocates, carers, and families. The gospel promises a beautiful story of a shared heritage together in Christ that can bless and light the world!