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    Book 1 Copyright Dena Michele Rosko

    The Kingdom Come Trilogy arrives in time to support a vision for the gospel as a shared heritage of the family of God. This book, the first of the Trilogy, is a must-read for ministers, community leaders, seminary students, care providers, and people of faith who desire to unite and care as a church during troubled times. The Trilogy offers a heritage model starting with Book I, or the realities of basic needs of our tender beginnings. This Revised edition reminds us of the basic resources needed to nurture a hope in a gospel future of a united neighborly heritage.

    Book 2 Copyright Dena Michele Rosko

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    The Trilogy climaxes with Book II, which stories a heritage model at tension with systems that ostracize people from safe love. This book promotes unifying language that interprets the gospel with a heritage lens and a vision towards kingdom come. This Revised edition reminds us of the need for a united neighborly heritage as the work of the church today: solidarity of caregiving and whole systems justice with the promise of life and love of generations together from now to eternity.

    Book 3 Copyright Dena Michele Rosko

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    The Trilogy offers a heritage model resolving with a vision in Book III of continuing towards the kingdom of heaven. This book encourages readers to grow heritage as children of God through spiritual disciplines, community, compassion, validation, healing, and a vision of what kingdom come will be so that we do that work now. This Revised edition compels us towards a gospel heritage that continues us and the bookend generations that story our lives. By forming heritage of compassionate community we can share the promise of life and love from now to eternity.

  • Kingdom Come Trilogy (cc) Dena Michele Rosko

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    This Kingdom Come trilogy arrives in time for a conversation and framework for heritage care, theology, and development for people and organizations.


    You'll want to read this for community and ministry work at the local level.


    Plus, more to come for groups and cultural engagement of a gospel heritage kingdom come!


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