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    Live. Love. Story.


    PhD-OS | MA-ComL | BA

    I research about how to support people through transitions by aligning their ideal visions with practice. I enjoy integrating storycrafting methods. My recent research supported a local partnership of faith by synthesizing compassionate communitas, stories, photographs, + motivational interviews. Current projects include transition to motherhood during the postpartum cycle. I incorporate creative methods with the heart of the matter. I search for opportunities to improve health systems + care of women during this transition called limen. Ultimately, I desire that my research support anthropology + writing of health systems that include people instead of ostracizing them from thriving. Contact me below to learn about my applied + creative research.


    Aligning ideal visions with practice

    I help people to align their ideals with strategy + share their story to include the heart behind the work. I desire that my consulting support more communal + compassionate health systems, especially around postpartum transition. I apply my research of storied systems design to community engagement for health + organizational health + well-being. Past projects supported partnerships for human + health services, marketing of nutrigenomics work, + various civic + community engagement campaigns. Services include development or leadership coaching, motivational interviewing, aligning ideals with strategy via storied systems design, communication report, + storycrafting workshops. Inquire below about my consulting services.


    Editorial | Go local | Especially outdoors

    Photography has been a way for me to beautify + editorialize daily life since an aunt gave me a pink wind-up camera when I was 12 years old. I have since integrated photography with my research, + published photographs for a local magazine + newspaper. Once upon a time I ran a photography business for portraits, special events, + organizations. Now I enjoy photographing local events, especially for community or civic engagement, nature + public commons placemaking locally or whilst traveling. I search for an editorial quest or detail for the story behind the image, + everyday life with family. Follow me on Instagram or Flickr, + view the collections below. Contact me for how to include photographs in your projects + communication.


    Transitions | Faith, hope, love | On the ground

    I enjoy short stories, reflective expositions about life + love, + poetry with my background in creative writing + communication. I integrate storycrafting into my consulting + research. Current projects include transition to parenting, community engagement for health, + publishing that first book. Previous projects involved sharing the story of faith partnerships, poetry about loss, editorials about civic + public matters, technical writing, + intermedia copy. Future projects include post-doctorate storied systems design for supporting transition to motherhood, writing journal articles about this research, + a devotional about faith. Visit the blog below for notable mentions about consulting, research, writing, travel highlights, + for current, or archived news!

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    Life ever a transition. Bridge the gap. Go far!


    Learning to live + love through transitions

    I encourage people to align their ideals, values, + visions with their strategy, communication, + practice to bridge the gap between the struggle + the flourishing. I'm passionate to support people needing a boost through transitions, or wanting to create beneficial change in their communities. Bonus: I also beautify the mess, but only if it makes sense to your story. Contact me below to ask about your project or vision today!


    Hear from people satisfied with their projects

    Glowing from meaningful work with community grassroots campaigns, to global health initiatives for nutrition, to political municipal campaign, to saving a local library and community icon, to human + social service para-church + non-profits, + conversations about easing the transition to parenthood. Hear what people have said about my rapport + practice. Visit the blog above for more testimonials for projects.

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