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Publishing News | Copyright Registrations of the "Kingdom Come" Series

Quintet Book Series of Heritage Theology, Formation, and Care

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Hi Neighbors,

Happy Leap Year! Today, I announce the official copyright registrations of the five-book series, Kingdom Come, that arrived pressed and sealed from the Copyright Office.

Copyright Registrations for Kingdom Come (c) Dena Michele Rosko 2024

So finalizes an over now eight year research and writing process... with more to come!

And, a friendly reminder to please cite the source if you use the heritage theology, formation, and care series in your work.

Please visit the training and writing and editing services available for your project.

Special thanks to my son who ever cheers me on, and stops what he's doing to open and review the proof copies and records.

Available in paperback direct and ebook worldwide. Order your copies today!

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Thank you from a heart of gratitude for supporting indie authors and publishers!


Min. Dr. Dena