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Publishing News | Kingdom Come Five Book Series Now Available!

Read the Kingdom Come trilogy, devotional, and prayer books today!

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Hi Neighbors!

Good news! After seven years of research, writing, and community work, this labor of love comes ready for your reading encouragement and edification.

Collage of Kingdom Come series (c) Dena Michele Rosko 2023.

Heritage theology girds the foundation to minister for formation with care. Heritage formation engages community with care as the family vision of the gospel for kingdom come.

The series supports a vision for the gospel as a shared heritage of the family of God with each chapter expanding on the basic needs (book 1), safe love (book 2), and future continuing (book 3) that the gospel promises in the heavenly kingdom, and encourages us to engage that work now with active devotional (book 4) and prayer (book 5).

Kingdom Come Trilogy Collage (c) Dena Michele Rosko 2023.

The devotional invites us to reflect about the importance of heritage that the gospel offers, and us to minister to basic needs, safe love, and future continuing now. Each chapter expands the heritage model to invite individual or group work for heritage and dialogue circles to reflect on the spiritual engagement of heritage formation, theology, and care. Caring marks us as true ministers of a gospel made good by a Savior and King who cares for us, and by caring, opens a way to life now and for eternity (John 10:11-18 VOICE).

The prayer book guides meditation, prayers, and benediction poems based on the heritage model with Scripture references about basic needs, safe love, and continuing detailed in the trilogy and practiced in the devotional. The devotional and prayer books are useful for groups, congregations, seminaries, ministry and community organizations, advocates, caregivers, or personal study time to pray, praise, engage, and deliver a heritage model by the love, hope, and power of the gospel to the challenges and opportunities that we encounter today.

Book V Prayer Cover. (cc) Dena Michele Rosko 2023.

These books offer unique and compelling insights to transform our approaches and tone with a solutions-based model for a whole systems perspective of the gospel of Jesus, who promised to make all things new as the eternal high priest who earned his priesthood through empathetic obedience to the will of God with couragous compassion for the people (see 1 Cor. 15; 1 Thess. 4; 2 Cor. 5; Heb. 4:12-16; Isa. 9:1-6, 11:1-6, 25, 43, 49, 53, 60-61, 65:17-25; Joel 2:28-29; Lam. 3:22-24; Lk. 1-4, 7, 11; Matt. 5-6, 18:1-7; 23-25, 28:19-20; Rev. 20-22; Rom. 8).

Opportunities include integrating dialogue, validation, story-sharing, neighborly service, and invitation as modes for evangelism, discipleship, training, ordination, ecuministry, and peace-sharing. This series provides a way for leaders, carers, and organizations. Interested in working with me? Check out the coaching, consulting, facilitation opportunities available!

Delivering the Trilogy to St. Andrew's Library. (cc) Dena Michele Rosko 2023

Importantly, these books focus on everday caresharing as the stories and lived experience of humanity, and so emphasizes heritage care as a consistent responsibility, expression, and outcome of heritage theology and formation.

This series thankfully avoids the error of lofty speculative reasoning and theological chatter that puts everyday folks at a distance, and instead brings the gospel to the daily systems realities of basic needs, safe love, and continuing, and challenges us to contemplate and act with an prophetic voice to build systems hospitable to heritage.

Rainbow Candle. (cc) Dena Michele Rosko 2023.

The possibilities include revitalizing healthy churches and communities with a framework and tools to engage compassionate community instead of perpetuating ideological divides in-between status quo with the rancor of the times. On that, the Heritage Series relies on contemplation, cogency, and nuance to express the heritage model.

Special thanks and gratitudes to Rev. Colleen and Rev. Drs. Scott and Linda for writing excellent forewords for the trilogy, respectively, to Angela Davis of CC Unlimited for writing the foreword to the devotional, and to my parents for writing the foreword for the prayer book!

Click on the Read page, and order your paperback or ebook today! PDF bundle for personal and non-commercial use available soon for purchase ($75 for all five books as a significant savings from print and e-book also available for purchase).

These books pair well with the coaching, consulting, facilitation, training, ecourse, and copyediting and copywriting services available.

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As always, enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Rev. Dr. Dena

Dena Michele Rosko, PhD, MA, CLCM encourages and inspires people to develop cultures of heritage in their ministries, partnerships, and organizations by writing, publishing, and training creative content about heritage theology, formation, and care across multiple genres, by facilitating groups, workshops, and retreats with dialogue and heritage circles, and by consulting and coaching leaders, advocates, carers, and families. The gospel promises a beautiful story of a shared heritage together in Christ that can bless and light the world!